Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy dads, pets instead of kids . . .

Time to round up the online stories about childlessness again.

First, in the category of, well, duh, cyberspace is full of this study that showed that dads are happier than non-dads. Read about it in "Dads are Happier Than Their Childless Peers" at

Then, it seems that in Japan, where the birthrate may be lower than just about anywhere else, pets are filling the gap. You should get a smile out of the pictures at "Why Japan Prefers Pets to Parenthood" in The Guardian. Puppies in strollers? Wearing sunglasses? I have a chapter on this in my Childless by Marriage book. As a dog-mom myself I find this stuff fascinating.

There's a good discussion about whether we should be called "childless" or "childfree" at TheNotMom.com What do you think about this?

Finally, there's all kinds of good stuff at The Road Less Traveled, including a discussion of the "How I Met Your Mother" episode where they deal with whether or not to have children.

Enjoy. As always your comments are welcome.

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