Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Childless by Marriage cover revealed

Drum roll, please . . . . Here is the new cover for the Childless by Marriage paperback. It will also replace the Kindle e-book cover in the near future. Yes, that is from my wedding. Don't those hands look young, innocent, and loving, with no idea what will happen in the future?

I can't believe I went through so much craziness to get the original brown cover that is elegant in a sparse kind of way but not at all what I had dreamed of. It was only through looking through hundreds of stock photos that I realized I might have something just as good in my own photo albums.

I will have ordering information online for the paperback within the next week. My recent trip to California delayed things a bit, as did a last-minute kerfuffle [disturbance, fuss] with the stepkids over the book, but the problems have been dealt with, and the print book is on its way. Sometime this month, the e-book will temporarily go offline, so I can make some minor changes and add the new cover. Be patient; it will be back, probably within a few hours.

I hope you all survived Father's Day all right. Any experiences you care to share with our readers?


Unknown said...

Were you really surprised that Ted had an issue? Michael wants nothing to do with it, says he doesn't care about a book. Me, reading your book changed the way I feel about my dad. Where I was angry before, your writings confirmed what I thought, when he left my mother, he left us. I am just more disappointed in him. It would have been nice not I have to grow up so fast at such a young age, but sometimes adults are selfish when they find new love. As was the case here.
The sad part is that we put a lot I this behind us and to finally have gotten over most of it and then having to relive it again really sucks. Didn't we suffer enough?

Unknown said...

Awesome! Love it! Congratulations, Sue!

Sue Fagalde Lick said...

Unknown #2, thank you.
Unknown #1, other readers will not understand your post, but I do. I'm so sorry you feel that your father didn't give you what you needed. And for the record, your mother kicked him out. He didn't leave because he wanted to. I am sorry the book causes you pain. That was never my intention.

doubleme said...

My step-daughter did not send a card, call or even text her father. It was her turn to give and guess what? She didn't. She only sends a card [like at Easter with cute grandson pics included in pleanty of time for us to get a card back with $$ in it.] Something's wrong with this picture. BTW, my bday was the day after Easter and she didn't even add "Happy birthday, step-mom" in the Easter card.

Sue Fagalde Lick said...

Ah doubleme, I'm sorry. Not surprised, but sorry. I wish I could tell you how to solve this, but I haven't figured it out yet. BTW, happy belated birthday.