Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Childless Links

Hi there. I have decided to post three times a week now, with one of those days being a collection of links that I have found. Let me know if this is helpful to you. I welcome your suggestions for other links to share.

1. Did you know that the founder of Mother's Day was childless? According to this article, "Founder Anna Jarvis was childless and other Mother’s Day trivia," the woman who got it started didn’t have children and never intended for the commercial insanity that Mother’s Day became. 

2.In "The Nomos Manifesto: are childless women the new suffragettes?" Jody Day of Gateway Women suggests that we women without children can be a collective force for change in our world. Furthermore, she offers a list of demands to improve the lives of Nomos/aka non-mothers.

3. At Life Without Baby, Kathleen Guthrie Woods writes about how she prepared for Mother’s Day and what actually happened.

Then there's “We are Content Being a Family of Two.” A woman who calls herself J-La-Sta talks about her late-life marriage and how she deals with the many misunderstandings she encounters about their decision not to have children.

Happy reading. See you Thursday. 

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J-La-Sta said...

Thank you SO much for posting a link to my blog post on your blog! I really appreciate it! :) God Bless You! :) Jen