Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Monkey children, fantasy Sundays, mean questions—It’s a crazy world

Dear friends, 

Today, I’m sharing links to a series of articles that I think you’ll find entertaining.

1. Here are two articles about a couple who are leaving their fortune to their pet monkey, who is like a son to them.

Okay, these Sundays are both fantasies. I may not have kids, but I have never had a Sunday like the one described, and kids or not, nobody does that much laundry. Read it for fun.

If you’re not Christian, skip the early paragraphs and go right to the list. I’m guessing you can identify with these. 

Hang in there, my friends. And somebody send me some comments that are not spam.


ruthie said...

Hi Sue! I'm not a spam's ruthie here. I really enjoyed the list of 10 things not to say to childless couple, in spite of poor grammar (which only barely hinders reading the article). Although I think that #4 I could debate. How can I understand something I've never experienced. Just as someone with a baby/child won't understand my position, nor would I expect them to. But the others I totally agree with. Both the monkey story & the fantasy Sunday articles are pretty ridiculous and just plain tragic IMHO.

Sue Fagalde Lick said...

Hi Ruthie. I'm always glad to see your name. I know you're not a spam bot. Thanks for your comments today and always.