Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bye-bye, Baby Pictures

Does seeing baby pictures all over Facebook and other social media drive you nuts? I often read comments here and elsewhere from childless/childfree people who can't stand looking at other people's baby pictures. Either they don't enjoy babies or looking at these photos hurts because they can't have them.

It's not just online, of course. We can't do much about our friends and relatives who insist on showing us pictures of their children and grandchildren. These days, they don't need actual photos; they just click them up on their smart phones and make you look. Then of course, you feel pressured to say something complimentary about the wee one. Is it only me or are some babies plum ugly?

Sometimes friends start to realize you don't want to see their baby pictures, but they get all huffy about it. Don't show it to Sue. She's not interested. Or Don't show it to Sue. She hates babies. Not true. Babies are amazing, but I admit that I get more of a warm squishy feeling looking at puppy pictures.

Anyway, in some online situations now, you can get rid of the baby pictures. At, you can download a program that replaces baby images with dogs or a tropical beach or whatever makes you happy. Apparently it only works for the Google Chrome operating system so far, but it might be worth a try if you can't handle anymore baby pix. Go to the website and try it just for giggles.

Dame Helen and me: 

I woke up to a pleasant surprise the other morning when Sarah Rainey, a writer for the UK's Daily Telegraph, e-mailed me for an interview. She had 20 minutes before deadline, and by the miracles of the Internet, I was able to receive her questions and send back answers in time to be included in her article. That article, which focuses on childless actress Dame Helen Mirren, is now online, titled "Helen Mirren confronts the final female taboo."  I'm so flattered to be in such elegant company, and I think you will enjoy the article.


Anonymous said...

FROM:Twitter account of
Pamela M Tsigdinos ‏@PamelaJeanne
What no kids? Tackling the final taboo #childlessness

Welcome to OZ newspapers, Sue ( a version of the Sue Rainey article)

Sue Fagalde Lick said...

Thanks, Pamela. How exciting to be mentioned in Australia, too.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Sue! That was a fabulous article and you must be thrilled to have been included.

Anon S

Sue Fagalde Lick said...

I am thrilled, Anon S. I hope no one assumes that I know Dame Helen. I don't, but I know I would like her.

Anonymous said...

saw this blog:

on this page:

they're based in Seattle...over the river and up thru I-5

Thought you'd find it interesting.

Sue Fagalde Lick said...

Thanks, Anon. This has nothing to do with childlessness, so I almost deleted it, but if anyone wants to think about travel to a warm, tropical paradise instead of babies, you might want to visit these sites.