Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tasty tidbits about childlessness

Today I'm heading off to play music at a funeral and then to a church picnic, so I'm sharing some tasty links you may want to check out.

"Dear Mariella," a columnist at in the UK's Guardian newspaper, tackles the problem of a wife wanting kids and a husband who doesn't at

Here's another one from the Guardian, "Why Japan Prefers Pets to Parenthood". Show of hands, how many of us couldn't get our mates to have children but had no problem getting him/her to accept a dog or cat?

"Childless or Childfree?" The tackles this never-ending debate at

Finally, does fatherhood make men happier? "Dads are happier than their childless peers" discusses that question.

Your thoughts are welcome.

Happy weekend!

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