Sunday, May 9, 2010

Duck and cover, it's Mother's Day

Dear friends,
Here we are again, Mother's Day. I'm hiding out. After all these years, I still teared up at church when Father Brian gave the annual Mother's Day blessing. After I complained at the liturgy meeting, he altered it include all women who nurture or care for others. But I still got misty.

If this is a tough day for you, you might want to take a peek at my "Childless Woman's Survival Guide" at the Exhale online zine. If that doesn't do it, visit, click on Childless and read my "Mother's Day Rant."

If you're still miserable, turn off all media and do something physical, like gardening, washing the car or baking cookies (which you will then eat). Put on some loud music and forget the whole Mother's Day business. It'll be over soon.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, this year Mother's day was my BIRTHDAY. I hate that I was born on Mother's day. I had to go with my husband to a family gathering for Mother's day in which they also celebrated my birthday. It was nice in some ways, but leading up to that day I was anxious wondering if I could "hold it together" enough to last the day. Leading up to that day I sat and cried thinking about being around my sister-in-law, her husband and their kids. So after I made it through that day without crying, I spent the next few days feeling sorry for myself because I am 42 years old, not in the best health, and seriously longing to get pregnant and have children. Every day I feel this urgency to do "something", what I don't know! I am just glad I found this site, I've been feeling like no one understands the pain I'm going through.